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In Urdu, we have a saying: Aik lari main pro kay rakhna. Literally translated, it means the string that holds the pearls together. That is what my mother was. She was the string that held our family together. Since her death [by a U.S. drone strike], the string has been broken and life has not been the same. We feel alone and we feel lost.

Pakistani family of drone strike victim gives harrowing testimony to Congress. Only 5 Congress members showed up.

Just wondering how Americans would feel if this happened to their mothers.

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Disgusting to think my government can justify flying into another country’s airspace and target their citizens and destroy families.




New York-based photographer Leland Bobbé has captured portraits of drag queens for his ongoing project ‘Half Drag… A Different Kind of Beauty.’

"With this series my intention is to capture both the male and the female alter ego of these subjects in one image in order to explain the cross over between males and females and to break down the physical barriers that separate them," Bobbé says.

These images, composed and stylized through the power of hair and makeup, are captured in one snap, and are not digitally composed.

I love makeup so much.

ALL this beauty needs to be on my page.


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18th c. Skeletal coffin ring

A rare example of an 18th century memento mori skeletal band, dated 1727. A full skeleton, reserved on black enamel, encircles the gold hoop of the ring. Unusually, there is a crown above the skull, signifying death is the master of all, and below the skeletal feet is a tablet engraved with the words memento mori, flanked by symbols of the Passion. The bezel of the ring is in the form of a gold coffin, covered by a faceted crystal, enclosing a skeleton painted in gold on a black ground. To interior of the band are the initials of the deceased, J. B. and the date, 1727.

Gobsmacked by how modern this looks.

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  • Little boy: Mommy, why is Wonder Woman not wearing any pants?
  • The Mom: Because Wonder Woman has amazing thighs and she could crush men with them if they insult her.
  • Little Boy: I wanna be Wonder Woman.
  • The Mom: Don't we all.